Your step-by-step guide to end of lease cleaning

It is essential to ensure that your “End of Tenancy” cleaning is completed cleanly and meets all requirements. Getting your tenancy deposit back is difficult if you don’t. Ensure you have the funds to replace any damage or injuries sustained during your tenancy. You may be charged more for repairs and cleaning than you are owed. It would help if you allowed yourself enough time to clean the property before you signed the deal. This will ensure that your landlord does not leave any unpaid bills.

It is up to you how you decide to clean up the property. The property’s owner is not responsible for your decisions. The property owner cannot force you to hire a cleaning service at the end. It is best to end your tenancy. This is an excellent way of saving money on travel. Before you start cleaning, contact the property owners and letting agents. Ask for the final checklist. The checklist vacate cleaning and check-in lists are essential to ensure that you thoroughly clean the property. To pass the final inspection, you must keep these items clean.

All items should be removed from wardrobes and racks. Clean the shelves and cupboards of any crumbs or deposits. Wipe with a dry cloth. Take out all items and wash the walls. Wash the washer, the dishwasher filter, and the soap tray thoroughly. Let the refrigerator doors open to prevent mold growth. Take out all fridge trays, racks, or closets. Please make sure they are in the best condition possible.

If the furnace isn’t cleaned often, it can build up grime, household dust, and fat. There is nothing worse than having to clean another oven when you move into a new apartment. This is the most challenging work and requires a lot of time and energy.

It is essential to ensure that it is in its best condition. It is necessary to keep in mind that the first object usually inspected during the inspection is the Hob. Could you not put the Hob on its side? It would help if you cleaned the Hob by cleaning all surfaces, including burners, ovens, switches, and handles. Don’t try to clean your oven if you don’t want to put in the extra effort. It might get worse.

Make sure to wash the bathroom sink, toilet, mirror, tiles, and other accessories. Make sure the drain pipes are clear of obstructions. This will ensure that water dashes. Inspect all metal surfaces, such as shower, rods, and drain bars. You should check if the holes in the showerhead have been plugged in. If the spots have become plugged, you must clean them and operate the showerhead.

If you cannot access the windows outside, ensure they are cleaned inside. You can also call a window cleaner for outside cleaning. The safest methods to clean glass and windows are alcohol and vinegar. If the check-in records indicate otherwise, replace all broken pans. The windows should be checked first to ensure the property is in good condition. If the property is not clean, the landlord should not inspect it.

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